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Close up of pine cone and needles


Passionate About Growth and Change

Tamarack Psychology is an Edmonton based private practice dedicated to providing high quality counselling services to the community. 

I will work collaboratively with you to help identify and achieve your goals for counselling, helping you increase your sense of satisfaction in life, and achieve lasting change. 

Inspiration for the Name

The tamarack tree has captivated me since childhood, with its beautiful yellow colour in the fall and soft needles that it sheds in the winter time. Unlike other coniferous trees that it shares its forests with, the tamarack spends much of its life in a state of change, transitioning with the seasons. The tamarack can thrive in harsh environments, such as swamps and bogs. I find it to be a beautiful metaphor for our own strength, resilience and innate drive to grow and overcome the challenges in life.   

Photo of Janelle Boisvert, Registered Psychologist sitting cross legged on a blue couch and smiling invitingly

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